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Week 9 Data Collection Update

on October 31, 2015

This was a slow week for data collection. A few of my classes used the clickers on Monday to finish up the notes on electrons, but other than that clickers were not used. I was able to make some observations during those classes, but the next big day of observations will be next week as we move on to our next unit. I plan on making observations during a clicker day next week, as well as a non-clicker day, as I realized I have nothing to compare my clicker-day observations to at this point in my research. I plan on giving students the same Likert survey they took at the beginning of the research on the last day of data collection, and now I am thinking of writing another survey that is open ended to get some feedback from students on what they think about using clickers in class. I also want to know what they think it means to be engaged in class and see how that compares with my definition of engagement.

I don’t feel like I have very much data at this point, but I think that by the time data collection is finished I will have enough to make some decent conclusions. I feel like this project has made me approach teaching in an entirely different way and I am becoming a lot more reflective about my teaching as a whole.


One response to “Week 9 Data Collection Update

  1. Tristan says:

    As I was writing my reflection for this week I was feeling the same way as you when you said that this project has made you approach teaching in an entirely different way and you are becoming a lot more reflective about your teaching as a whole. I am beginning to see how much more I am observing beyond my observations for the project and how much I am learning about my students and how they learn and making changes in the way I present the information. It’s interesting to get their perspectives about how class is going or what they are thinking compared to what I see in my observations. It was a slow week for data collection for me as well it seemed like, hopefully next week will pick up a little more for you.

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