A Journey Through Technology

Update on Data Collection

on October 24, 2015

This was my second week of collecting data. So far I have used Poll Everywhere in my classes 3 times. Before we used it in class the first time I gave all of my students a survey about how they perceive their engagement in class and their preparedness for class. It was a Likert scale with 5 choices and I made a spreadsheet for each class and calculated average values for each of the ten questions. I will compare these values to the same survey, which will be given at the conclusion of the research. I have also been trying to make observations and record them while each class uses their phones as clickers. I am finding it it very difficult to make observations and teach at the same time, so I will be trying to get a helper to come in an observe for me in class.

I made a tally sheet to keep track of the number of times students are not engaged in class, as well as the number of students in each class on a given day that don’t have cell phones or some other device. I try to take notes after each class, or at least at the end of the day, especially if there was something that either went very well, or not very well. Right now an issue I am having in two of my classes is multiple students are picking random answers for questions instead of trying to get the right answer. I plan on making participation while using clickers a grade, and I think that will help keep students on track.

Overall, I am very happy with the way things are going in my research. Next week I plan on taking a look at my observation and reflection notes I have taken so far and performing some data analysis to see if I need to make any changes. I look forward to seeing how things progress over the next few weeks

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