A Journey Through Technology

Week 7 Reflection

on October 19, 2015

This week I started collecting data for my project. The infographic assignment for this week really helped me figure out some of the issues I’m having making observations while using Poll Everywhere. My classmates helped me a lot this week, and I hope I was able to help them as well. We all seemed to agree that observations are hard in the classroom because there are so many things going on and it’s hard to focus only on specific behaviors for observations. As I learn more about the different experiences my classmates have in their classrooms, it helps me see ways I can change things about how I teach, and hopefully become a better teacher.

Peter had a good point in his comment on my post this week about keeping bias out of the classroom when we look at student behavior. It’s important to not be biased during research, but I had never thought about any bias I might have on a day-to-day basis with my students.

Tristan shared the behaviors she is checking for her students during her research observation, and I think that will really help me narrow down my observations as I continue my research.

I think I contributed to the learning of others this week by being supportive and giving my honest feedback about their infographics. I think that everyone did very well on their infographics this week. It helped that we all finally understood where the citations were supposed to be, because I know I didn’t get that right in week 6.

I’m very excited for this next week to continue my research. I hope that I can get some good observations this week!

One response to “Week 7 Reflection

  1. pwjohnsen says:

    “Data mining…is the process of analyzing data from different perspectives and summarizing it into useful information.” (Palace, 1996) Thank you for this quote. I feel as if it answers our question this week clearly and succinctly.


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