A Journey Through Technology

Week 1 Reflection

on September 6, 2015

I always love the first week of classes, whether I’m the teacher or the student, and this week was no different. The resources that I used this week and some of the extra research I’ve done online is making me excited for where this course is taking me. I’ve wanted to implement technology in my classroom for the last few years, and now I have the perfect push to get me started. I think I’m going to try to introduce clickers to my classroom, which will hopefully help my students perform better, and help me become a more reflective teacher. There have been many teachers before me who have made this change, and some that are also chemistry teachers, so I’m excited to look at their work and get some more ideas for my action research project.

Just by reading the resources for this week, I’m already more at ease about making this transition. It’s always scary trying something new, but I think using action research to implement this change is going to make this a less daunting adventure. There are still things I’m unsure of, but I know that as long as I put the time in, I should be successful.

I think we have a great group of people taking this class this semester and I’m excited to follow their journey’s through the action research process. There are some great ideas in the group for types of technology to implement, and I think if we support each other we can all get so much out of this class. I love reading everyone’s blog posts and seeing all of the different resources that are being used. I hope I am able to contribute some meaningful resources to the group and that we all have a great 14 weeks together!

How have I contributed to others’ learning.

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